Why Profile your Customers?

We recently had the opportunity to profile a client’s data. What does that mean exactly?

When raw data is brought in from an ERP system or a third party affiliate, it first needs to be hygiened and unified. From there, it can be matched with consumer data to find out who really is your best customer.

There are some obvious indicators to think about, for example gender and income level. But good profiling goes way beyond that.

A good profile should be able to reach into interests and hobbies, household members, home ownership, and more. Why is that important?

When you think about marketing, you need to know the channel and that is driven by your audience. So if your target profile is 40 – 49 year old women with more than 2 children in the home that enjoy gardening, your best channel may be a Home and Garden magazine or an ad space on HGTV.

Profiling your customers isn’t just a one time exercise either. You need to consistently use the data that you have and refine that profile. The goal is to develop and train a model to ensure your campaigns are getting better and better via machine learning.

At Valurity Analytics, we use your data and a petabyte of data to best profile your customers. Don’t stop at the basics. Get the full picture.

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