Our Valurity Customer Data Platform (VCDP) platform brings all of your data (And data we create for you) together with automation and ease.   We deliver a Marketer driven self service implementaiton or a MPM (Marketing Project Manager) approach who will guide you through implementation and be there for you to aid in your marketing strategy and execution.  Our CDP has aspects of a Customer Relations Manager (CRM), Content Management (CMS) and Project Management System (PMS).  On smaller client systems we can act as your Email Service Provider (ESP).
  • Customer, Orders and Item level transactions (From ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics..)
  • Customer Demographics, Modeling, Profiling and Persona creations
  • Campaign executions and history (Print Shops, Email Service Provides (ESP) like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Bronto, SendGrid, HubSpot, Marketo…)
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics (Support Microsoft BI, Tableau, QlikView,  etc)
  • Customer Preferences
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Subscription-based data set
  • Google Analytics
  • 3rd Party Ad Affiliates and audit controls (RMI, Steelhouse, SideCar, WhatApp)
  • Customer Email and Web behaviors, Active Requestor, Ship to Data, abandons
  • Myriad Ecommerce Connectors (Shopify, Magento)
  • CRM Platforms (Salesforce, Dynamics, Sage, Sugar)
  • Communications Platforms (Twilio, #Slack,…}
Bringing in together and displaying actionable insights and the ability to personalize your customer journey is what we do. Customers run through our identity resolution algorithms which have no parallel.  This allows us to create a pinpoint focused 360-degree view of your customer.  This compressed view with hundreds of customer indicators now available in your hands allows for a single heavy hitting ability to create your own high-performance segmented groups and track the performance for the lifecycle of the campaign and customer journey.Each of our product lines is all integral components and functional arms to the overall Customer Data Platform and marketing experience but have been developed to work independently of each other.


  • Customer profiling, when utilized with marketing analytics, generates key customer insight that can help marketing professionals better allocate their spend to increase return on investment.
  • Understanding who your best customers are and then profiling them is the base for getting new prospects from lead sources, list rentals, and consumer data to ensure your ROI is optimal.
  • Develop and train a model to ensure your campaigns are getting better and better via machine learning.


  • Keep your data up to date with our Hygiene Engineer. Bad data is worse than no data. Let our data hygiene engines loose on the data and correct years of stale, incorrect and bad data, resolve those duplicates and create better insights and revelations.
  • Address Standardization
  • Address Correction and National Change of Address
  • Email Validation
  • Phone Type Validation (Mobile vs Voip vs LandLine)


  • Pin all of your customers together from all the different data sources.
  • Merge all your records together and create a rolled up view of your customers.


360 VIEW
  • We merge your customer’s record duplicates with actual measures, behaviors, email stream, web requests, abandons, and Google transactions.
  • Combining the data creates a holistic 360-degree view of the customer giving you more accurate insights


  •  Why guess of who your customer is? Use data to profile your customer on the spot to give any customer service rep instant rapport. Do not settle for a screaming delete or do not mail me anymore. Convert that frown upside down and leverage a rapid understanding of the client using avatars and consumer based interest icons to develop that rapport with them. 
  • About to do a dial campaign? Know that customer before they pick up in seconds.


  • Manage all of your campaigns, projects and related tasks through our client interface.
  • Merge/Perge your current house file with any acquired list rentals, lead sources, and consumer data to create optimized segments
  • Add intelligence into your campaign execution with segmentation based on business rules uniquely important to you, deploy those campaigns from our system and watch in real time how those campaigns perform with our matchback analysis.
  • Leverage that matchback analysis back in campaign builds adjusting for high or low-performance results.
  • Behavioral Trigger based campaign builds and auto execution to respond in real time to your clients.
  • Multi Channel deployment (Social, Email, Print, Phone Dial, SMS)


  • No one ever says “That’s some great looking data.” We offer many web-based interfaces granting the ability to drill into your cross channel Campaigns all the way down to Item level purchases. Want to review a customer story of all their behaviors from our 360 solutions. See it.
  • Understand and act on your best customers.
  • Lifetime Value
  • Attrition Reporting
  • Data Quality Assurance


  • Ask us how to engage with your customers in real time on your web site, create dynamic campaigns, and serve up content based on customers interactions and engagements.
  • Leverage your marketing database with our customer database add on to drive success in any channel


  • Our clients are our true partners. We herald ourselves as Marketing Information Technologists.
  • We develop many of our solutions through hands-on client interactions and suggestions and with our agile environment, it allows for rapid deployment of fresh ideas into action.
  •  We are a team data scientists/engineers who are more growth-minded than the average IT professional
  •  A true marketing IT arm for your company to aid in your growth.  Our marketing strategies leverage insights, understanding, data, and technical know-how to create a scaleable multi channel marketing database