Companies Don’t Answer Emails. People Do.

In the marketplace today we are finding many B2B companies who are struggling with their marketing. Every call we have with clients to discuss challenges always comes back to how to best reach B2B buyers.

And our answer is simple. Personalization. When we send out an email campaign, the more personal we can get it the better. Why? Because at the end of the day, the email still is being received by a person, not a company.

Just as important as personalization is the connection to the specific concern.  Too often today we are spending time trying to sell our features and benefits and not addressing the issues that are concerning the people.  If your messaging is always about the best things about your product you are missing the point.  Your product will sell itself if you connect to the issues that the decision makers are facing at their companies.  

Once you connect to the individual struggle a person has, you can solve their problem with your solution.  And when you do that with personalization and empathy, your company will usually come to the top. 

Don’t come off as just another sales pitch.  Connect to your audience.  And personalize your message. 

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