Identity Resolution

An In-Depth View into Pinning

Identity resolution, also known as Pinning, is a data management process through which an identity is searched and analyzed between disparate data sets and databases to find a match and/or resolve identities. Identity resolution enables an organization to analyze a particular individual’s or entity’s identity based on its available data records and attributes.

When an individual or company is searched through an identity resolution solution, a series of algorithms, probability, and scoring is applied to find and determine any associated records. For example, an enterprise might have more than one person named John Smith. However, through identity resolution, this individual’s other data attributes such as telephone number, address and email can help differentiate all of these individuals or detect matches.

Each entity run through our system is assigned a unique company ID, unique person ID, and a unique address ID for consistency, segmentation, and reportability of the marketing database.

Why is this important? The obvious reason is to remove duplicates. This is particularly important when you are sending out a print campaign. The cost of a print campaign can be drastically reduced if a large portion of duplicates have been removed. Pinning can be done at an individual level and a household level ensuring that only one copy of your print ends up in a household.

Another reason Identity Resolution is important is to better understand your customers. Check out this article written for our blog for a more in-depth view of that.

But is it really that important to remove duplicates when sending out an email campaign? Yes it is. The opportunity cost of lost emails through spam reports and unsubscribes is definitely to be considered here.

As you consider all of these things, there is one important thing to remember. Bad data leads to bad results. Increase your effectiveness and your ROI with proper Pinning.

Identity Resolution

Identity Resolution is More than Removing Duplicates

Identity resolution is the process of analyzing disparate customer data sets across multiple devices and mediums and combining them into a unified view of your customers. 

Isn’t that just removing of duplicates?  And in the digital world where email is a cheap, why does that really matter?

Let’s dig in a little deeper.  

First let’s consider where does the disparate data come from?  

The answer to that is everywhere.  Some examples would be your ERP system, Google Analytics, Social Media, Guest Checkouts, Ship to Addresses, Loyalty Programs, and any other Third Party Affiliate.  

Identity Resolution is the process of unification of those sources into one single aggregated version of a customer.  When that customer is rolled up into a single view of a customer you now have accurate data measures on which to profile.  

Let’s take an example of Mr. Green.  Mr Green has placed a phone order, a website order, and has purchased in the brick and mortar store in the past 3 months.  Each one of those purchases were less than $15.  Your company decides it’s going to market specifically to customers who have spent $30 or more in the past 3 months.  Mr. Green doesn’t make it into the campaign.  And you have missed your target completely.  

While eliminating duplicates is important, it’s much more important to unify your data to get accurate views of your customers.